Scholarship Support

Supporting access to education for all, especially for the disadvantaged

We provide scholarships to gifted and/or underprivileged students from disadvantaged families and communities, ensuring that every deserving child has access to education irrespective of their social background.

The Needs & Challenges

According to UNICEF, about 10.5 million of the country’s children aged 5-14 years are not in school despite the fact that primary education is officially free and compulsory in Nigeria. But even in cases where schooling is free, parents still have to buy textbooks and provide meals for their children. A situation that inevitably burdens children from poor homes.

Direct and indirect schooling costs are also important factors to consider since they also contribute to early dropout from schools for some children in Nigeria. Children in the rural areas and poor homes especially often begin working at an earlier age to support their parent or siblings. a situation which means that regardless of how educationally talented a child might be, financial and economic consideration often override the need for them to pursue education.

Without external financial support in such cases, these children stand at a risk of being poorly educated, under-performing or in extreme cases totally dropping out of school.

Our Goals

We seek to complement current efforts by pursing the following goals:

  • Provide scholarship to students in disadvantaged families and communities
  • Provide scholarships to gifted and promising students

Our Approach

Partnering towards Education Development

Our approach is an integrated one that seeks to partner with relevant stakeholders and work within existing global, national and local framework and plans such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This in itself is Goal 17 of the SDGs.

Our key initiatives largely fall under Goal 4 of the SDGs. Our education infrastructure initiatives fit within sub-goal 4A (i.e. Education facilities and learning environments) while our scholarship programme fits within  sub-goal 4B (i.e. Scholarships).

Through our community-based approach, we hope to supplement larger efforts by other key stakeholders and contribute our quota to the advancement of qualitative education in Nigeria.

OSJ Foundation in Action

Visit our Project page for more information on some of our completed and ongoing interventions in selected schools and communities. The page also displays "before" and "after" as well as other general photos of some of the Foundation's project activities. Click the button below.

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